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Andy Heller

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Andy Heller is grounded and down to earth with goals of long term wealth building. He does not present empty promises when you use his program. Andy thinks it is important to focus on the fundamentals of real estate. You must find a way to dedicate yourself and implement the appropriate principles. The best kind of wealth comes with long term security and the confidence in knowing you have the ability to provide for your family.

Andy's inspiration came from his parents who owned a small 10 unit apartment complex. He understood that the profit his parents earned made their retirement possible. He believes that real estate is the best way to leverage available cash and obtain a significantly higher profit than your original investment.

Andy and his partner Scott Frank developed a solid friendship, which in turn led to a thriving partnership. They wanted to enjoy a stable income and establish a solid foundation for their families' future. They have over 40 years of combined experience investing in real estate.

Andy's first project with Scott did not go as originally planned. They intended to purchase a pre-foreclosure from a distressed family then flip it. However, they ended up purchasing the foreclosure instead directly from the bank after foreclosure, and when they were unable to flip it they sought a long-term tenant under a "lease with an option to purchase" (aka "lease/purchase"). The difficulty they faced implementing their planned strategy actually was fortuitous, as it led them to a diverse and profitable investment model.

Andy and Scott spent years cultivating their approach to buying and selling property. Through the years they made several wrong turns, learning from each one. With each curve came refinements to their model. As a result they decreased the amount of time spent on each property and their profits soared.

Andy stresses the importance in educating yourself. Gather as much information as possible on the investment niche you are interested in and start slowly. Competency is gained with experience. Consequently, over time you are able to manage more properties in less time.

The fruits of his efforts are seen in the people who use his program to succeed. He is elated that people succeed with his program and achieve their goals. Many seasoned investors attend his seminars to pick up pointers to use for their investments, which impresses Andy greatly. In fact, one of Andy's student's success stories was featured in Fortune Magazine (student Hans van der Kolk, Fortune January 2005). According to Andy, requests came in to speak and teach around the country when the same Fortune Magazine issue profiled real estate investment books for wealth building and featured Andy's "Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High" book as one of the top 5 strategies recommended for wealth building through real estate.

If you desire success in real estate it is essential to be comfortable with risks while possessing the ability to minimize costly mistakes, Andy reveals. Seeking out advice from people who have been down the same road can be a great advantage. Become actively involved with local clubs and groups to learn as much as possible. Perform research, attend seminars and invest in well-rounded educational materials to avoid big mistakes that can cause you to sink before you begin. Andy believes those who invest in education, avoid costly mistakes and ultimately achieve success.

Being a successful real estate investor directly addresses one of the biggest concerns people have today, long term financial security. Andy points out that many real estate investment models make money for an investor, but they are simply too difficult and time consuming for the money they end up making.

Andy points out that it would not have been possible to purchase approximately 100 properties, while maintaining full time day jobs as well as putting their families first if the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High strategy took up a lot of time and effort. Their successful real estate investments have given them the peace and financial security they both sought for their families and helped them achieve what they refer to as "Regular Riches", real estate wealth the easy way for Regular Guys and Girls, just like Andy and Scott.

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