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Dean Graziosi's expertise is a known quantity in the field of real estate investment. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Dean has written multimillion selling books, video and audio courses on the topic of financial planning and investments. He has reached viewers nationwide on television, who number in the millions.

Dean is self taught in the subject of real estate investments, having no formal training in finance. He has made nearly a hundred million in the real estate market with only a high school diploma and an education from the school of real world experience. It is this experience and skill as a keen observer of the market that has led to his success.

Dean strongly believes in the interdependence of people - colleagues, friends and family, even strangers upon each other. This synergy is in part what drives the real estate market; and understanding of people in the field is a key to success in real estate. After all is said and done, the market is not just a collection of abstract numbers and other data. Real estate, like any other area of business is created and directed by the actions of people. With this human centered philosophy of investment, Dean is uniquely qualified to educate others about how the market really works.

The general public is catching on to his message. The incredible popularity of Dean's books, videos, workshops and other investment related educational tools is ample proof of this. Millions of those who have heard or read what Dean has to impart have taken this knowledge and used it to build financial success for themselves.

His book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today" is exemplary how to put Dean's system into action. His investment techniques have been refined over the course of the last two decades, and the result is this book with his winning investment strategies laid out in a clear, easy to follow manner. Going a step further than most investment experts, Dean makes himself available to readers through his seminars, where those interested can learn more of his investment strategies.

Known globally as one of the leading experts on the American real estate investment market, Dean is in high demand as a public speaker and is often away from his home in Phoenix and out on the road either giving seminars or investigating real estate investment opportunities. Every time he learns a new secret or has a fresh insight into this constantly changing market, he shares it with the public through his website, books and video investment courses.

Dean Graziosi knows firsthand that anyone who has the drive to succeed can grow wealthy through real estate investments. For over a decade, he has been sharing his knowledge and handing the keys to success to anyone who is willing to learn about the world of real estate and build financial security for themselves.

Why is Dean Graziosi so famed in the world of real estate investment? It is because he has reached millions across the country and the world with his books, audio and video courses and seminars. He has taken the knowledge that helped him to become a successful investor and shared that knowledge with others who dream of gaining wealth in the real estate investment market. A frequent guest on nationally televised programs, Dean has been seen and heard by viewers numbering in the millions.

A self made man, Dean learned real estate investment by doing. With only a high school diploma under his belt, Dean Graziosi has generated nearly 100 million dollars in the real estate market. His real life experience is what has made him so successful, not formal training or a MBA degree.

The connections between people are what drive the market - and Dean understands this. The real estate market is more than buildings, lots and numbers; there are people behind these transactions. By knowing how people think and relate to one another, a leg up can be gained in the investment field. Dean has a unique perspective on how real estate investing works, and is a born educator who can get his ideas across to others effectively.

The public is clearly responding to his message, as shown by the overwhelming popularity of his books and videos and the standing room only crowds who flock to his seminars and workshops on real estate investment. The millions upon millions who have listened to what Dean has to say are taking his lessons and applying them in their lives to become financially secure, even wealthy through investing in real estate.

Dean's best selling book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today" shows you how to apply his knowledge. Over the last twenty years, Dean has developed a winning system for making money in the real estate market, and he's more than willing to let you in on his secrets. Going the extra mile for his readers, he makes himself accessible to those who want to learn more at his popular seminars and workshops.

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