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Ed Beckley

Ed Beckley - Bio


Ed Beckley was born to a lower middle class family in Northern California. Money seemed to always be in short supply when he was growing up. Ed Beckley saw that the lack of money was created great difficulties in life. From a very early age he had a passion to have money and more importantly the freedom that great wealth would command.

Ed started studying real estate when he was only 16 years old, although he didn’t buy his first piece of property until he was 21. Ed Beckley graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in economics and then went on to graduate school to get a secondary teaching credential in business education.

While teaching high school Ed Beckley became a millionaire buying and fixing up properties before he was 30 years old. Shortly after this Ed began sharing his wealth building secrets with others and formed a national company teaching people how they could get started in real estate even if they didn’t have any money.

Enormous success came to Ed Beckley from this endeavor and yet simultaneously he recognized that it took more than a lot of money to bring happiness and great fulfillment. He began to study and practice those principles he observed in various extraordinary people who became wealthy and yet lived vibrantly alive and happy lives.

Ed Beckley is credited for being the father of the “informercial” industry. His real estate television show was seen by millions of people on 400 stations weekly for over five years. During this time, his company built sales to over one hundred million dollars a year. Ed Beckley went on to generate almost a half a billion dollars in sales through various companies.

Johnny Carson, David Letterman, John Candy on HBO and Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live did skits mimicking Ed Beckley’s unique television style. Feature articles were written about him in Money Magazine, TV Guide, Wall Street Journal and Esquire, to name a few.

Ed Beckley is the author of seven books, has given over five hundred seminars and workshops and has taught over 350,000 people how to lead wealthier more successful and happier lives. Ed brings a profound sense of humility and wisdom to his new workshops, “Extraordinary Possibilities” through the many ups and downs he has encountered.

In his ' Millionaire Maker Intensives', Ed Beckley gives the strategies and tools needed for those people who want to consistently and passionately live at their full potential in all aspects of their life—money, relationships, health and vitality. Ed says, “success leaves very clear footprints in all areas of life. Follow those footprints and arrive at a place called an extraordinary life.”

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