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George H. Ross

George H. Ross - Bio

Source: Trump Strategies for Real Estate

George H. Ross is co-stat of the hit TV show The Apprentice and executive vice president and senior counsel for the Trump Organization.  Previously, he was a real estate attorney, private investor, and senior partner at a major law firm.  He has served as business advisor, legal counsel, and negotiator for leading real estate owners and developers in New York City for 50 years.  He cofounded a radio station business that he sold for million of dollars.  Ross also teaches negotiation at NYU's School of Professional Studies and Continuing Education.

Source: Trump Strategies for Real Estate

For 25 years, George Ross has advised Donald Trump on many of his biggest and most profitable real estate deals. If anyone understands the investment strategies and negotiation tactics that have made Trump the most famous real estate baron in the world, it's Ross.  This is the first book that explains the investment principles that made Trump a fortune.

How can Trump's billionaire strategies help the average investor? Ross explains that the same basic rules of thumb that make Trump's Manhattan skyscrapers so profitable still apply to every investor, no matter the size of their property.  Even if you can't afford the kind of luxury extras Trump offers his elite customers, you can still add Trump-style glamour to any property - and charge tenants or buyers a hefty premium for it.

Success in real estate requires not just smart strategies but also an ability to project the personal qualities that inspire confidence in others - like Trump's endless enthusiasm, showmanship, and never-say-die tenacity.  With dramatic examples - such as Trump's Commodore/Hyatt Hotel deal on 42nd Street in Manhattan, which netted Trump over $85 million - Ross shows you haw these personal qualities can help you negotiate better deals and dramatically increase profits.

You'll learn how to created an aura of exclusivity; Trump's secret sources of negotiation power/ the value of the "invested time" principle; and even how to use deadlocks and deadlines to you advantage.  And once you've zeroed in on your property, Ross gives seasoned advice on retaining the best help and conducting a dynamic marketing campaign.

For experienced and novice investors alike, Trump Strategies for Real Estate presents and in-depth, insightful look at what it takes to achieve Trump-sized success in real estate.

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