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Jay P. DeCima

Jay P. DeCima - Bio

From: Investing in Fixer-Uppers

Jay P. DeCima, known in the real estate industry as "Fixer Jay," owns more than 200 rehabilitated rental units, hosts seminars for fixer-upper investors around the United States, and publishes a monthly newsletter, Trade Secrets, for do-it-yourself investors and career changers.

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Jay P. DeCima, known to many as "Fixer Jay" is a seasoned real estate investor with more than 45 years of hands on experience; nearly half that time has been devoted to Jay's specialty - fixing up rundown houses and adding value. In 1980, Jay quit his 23 year telephone job to pursue real estate investing full time. Twenty three years ago, Jay began teaching others about his money-making strategies at seminars and at his popular HOUSE FIXER CAMPS in Redding California. Students actually visit Jay's properties to see for themselves what kind of properties earn the biggest profits and why. Today, Jay is widely regarded as the undisputed king of fixer-upper houses on the national teaching circuit. His highly rated and most informative newsletter TRADE SECRETS is the only monthly real estate newsletter written specifically for do-it-yourself investors by an author who does what he writes about! Every month subscribers are treated to a brand new money-making strategy.

Today, Jay spends a great deal of his time overseeing his 200 house empire in Redding, California, and writing about his experiences. He also shares time with KJAY Publishing Company, established in 1984, to produce and distribute
"Fixer Jay", home study training products. Jay is one of only a handful of real estate instructors to receive the coveted RECOMMENDED RATING from veteran landlord book writer and national rating expert John T. Reed.

Since Jay's favorite recreation is the same as his day to day activities. He always enjoys sharing his knowledge with the various investor clubs around the country.

The two most frequently asked questions - How much are the profits? - And how long will it take to become financially independent? According to Jay, the answer will vary - but the faster you can educate yourself - the more profitable this business becomes! In Chapter #2 of Jay's best-selling book, "INVESTING IN FIXER-UPPERS", he tells his readers how he fixed up 11 ugly houses and earned a quick $150,000 profit- plus $1000 a month income for 13 years. Many of Jay's students have already become quite wealthy using his practical, easy to follow, Wealth Building Strategies.

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