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John Ulmer

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My name is John Ulmer, Master of the Modern Day Money Machine. I’m 59 years old, married 33 years to my wife Connie, and have two sons Scot 28 and Luke 26. Nothing is more important to me than family, and my sons and I are partners in my business. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but let me just say that I taught those guys how to do real estate deals when they were just boys, and they have been doing deals ever since, earning college spending money by turning deals in the summer. A father could not be prouder of his kids!

It would be rare for anyone reading this to have had more hurdles in their upbringing than me. I was born the last of eight children in a very dysfunctional family. Not only born “on the wrong side of the tracks”, my dad abandoned the family when I was an infant, and my mom worked menial jobs to support us kids, all in the days before welfare and food stamps. She was a strong Christian woman though, and taught us all the basics in life including hard work, personal pride, and the value of family. Those lessons never left me.

I was blessed with great athleticism. Those skills earned me a full ride football scholarship to college. Upon graduation with a degree in education, I married my high school sweetheart Connie and away we went. We relocated to Florida and got teaching jobs. But being poor, eating popcorn and pancakes because it filled a hole in our stomachs, and soon having two hungry boys to feed made me change my thinking about my life and career.

I’ll never forget sitting in a Laundromat in Florida, reading an outdated newspaper and wishing I could buy a $.20 coke I couldn’t afford. I read in that gnarled-up, outdated paper an ad for a book, “How to Awake the Financial Genius Inside You” by Mark Haroldson. The ad promised not to cash your $10.00 payment for thirty days. If you liked it you kept it, if not you returned the book and got your check back. This caught my eye because I didn’t have $10.00 in my checking account! I had to send the book back after reading it cover to cover!

It haunted me that I didn’t have that book for my blueprint for real estate investing. All I could do was practice the closes and pitches I’d read about in the book, and the more I practiced the more I became convinced I could do this. Armed with nothing but the notes from the book, zero experience, and a burning focus to succeed, a guru was born!

In my very first deal I managed to pull off a no money down deal and do a simultaneous close netting Connie and me $7,900! Imagine the feeling! It might as well have been a million, and we took that cash into a room in the bank and threw it all over like confetti, wadded it up in balls and threw it around, chewed it, and generally acted money-drunk!

That was 1982, and we haven’t looked back. Last year our gross sales were $12.5 million. I've done a deal a day, every day of the year. That’s right: 365 deals a year! I have systems for every single aspect of my business, allowing me to spend whatever time I want on the parts of the business I love, and the rest of the time playing.

I’m living proof that if you can dream it, you can live it. I decided long ago that I wanted this operation to be able to support Connie’s and my lifestyle and that of the boys when they got older. Today, my money machine is strongly impacting the financial lives of hundreds of families. And this might surprise you but I’m continually updating my own skills. I spend $20,000 - $30,000 per year sharpening my skills.

If I could give you some simple advice it would be: Don’t look back! It’s time to turn a new leaf and live large! Come and join me!

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  • 1 Paul Zalitis // Oct 24, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Hi John,

    Do you do any deals in Australia?
    Do you have any clients in Australia?

    I do Vendor Finance in Australia and would like to know a lot more about Sandwich Lease Options

    Paul Zalitis.

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