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Invest in Debt by Jim Napier

October 27th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Reviews

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Review - Invest In Debt By Jim Napier

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I have heard many a knowledgeable and successful note buyer refer to Invest in Debt by Jim Napier as the best entry level book on the subject of investing in Notes that is out there.  Despite being slightly out of date, I would agree.  The principles in this book are timeless.  While Mr. Napier's writing style is down home or awe shucks, don't make the mistake that he is a not major financial thinker, or that he doesn't know his material.  I would wager that most of the very successful note buyers out there have a copy of one of Mr. Napier books in their collection.   If you are well schooled in discounted cash flows and other such financial terms, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you are looking to get a good base that you can build on with materials that are more in depth, start with Invest in Debt.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why People Are Poor And Most Stay That Way
  3. Discounting Income Streams - How We Find Our Value
  4. How Do We Figure Discounted Values? - We Don't Pay Retail
  5. Double Payment - Cut Interest in Half -- Changing It To Increase Yield
  6. Should We Sell Or Borrow? - The Money Ran Out
  7. Where Is The Best PLace To Find Them - I Need Cash Flow
  8. Buy Paper With Dollars Plus Other Assets - Money Stretchers
  9. Buy Parts At The Time They Want Too Much
  10. What Is  My Mortgage Balance, Or How Much Is Teh Balloon? - Never Be Forced To Ask Again
  11. How Do We Discount Balloons?
  12. Step Increases - To Eliminate Balloons
  13. Where WE Look? - Nobody Ever Told Me About This
  14. Wrap-a-Round - AITD and Contracts, Can You Really Rigure Those?
  15. Tax Certificates - Another Form Of Debt Instrument
  16. Strategy - To Win The Financial War
  17. Conclusion - What To Do When You Don't Understand

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