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Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell - Bio

From: Timing the Real Estate Market - The Campbell Method

Robert Campbell has been living and breathing real estate from the time he learned how to walk.  The son of a successful San diego homebuilder, he spent many hours as a youngster tagging along with his did to the lumberyard, and later worked on his father's construction sites to help pay his way through college.  But Robert quickly learned that there was far more to real estate than dirt. concrete, lumber and building materials.  Early on, he learned that real estate markets are a lot like roller-coaster rides, where spectacular climbs are as common as spectacular falls.

Robert graduated from UCLA and started investing in real estate at age 24, borrowing $14,000 from his parents for the down payment on a 6-unit apartment house.  After doing some cosmetic repairs and raising the rents, he sold the preperty for an $11,000 profit one year later. He was hooked.

Since then, Robert Campbell has had a multifaceted 30-year real estate career that includes:

  • As a real estate investor, he has bought and sold over 40 rental properties.
  • As a real estate developer, he has built over 50 homes and apartment units.
  • As a California real estate broker (licensed in 1976), he has handled the sales and mortgage financing for hundreds of clients.
  • As a real estate advisor, he publishes the only timing advisory for Southern California real estate investors. Information on The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter can be found here.
  • As a university lecturer, he has given guest presentations at the University of San Diego, where Robert's book Timing the Real Estate Market has been used in classes on real estate investment.

A seasoned veteran of both good and bad real estate cycles, Robert Campbell has experienced many more successes than losses.  Ironically, it was his biggest real estate "mistake" that inspired him to write this book.

Because Robert believes that "avoiding disaster" is one of the true secrets for achieving lasting, long-term prosperity - and because of this hard-won expertise - he has created The Campbell Method for tracking trends to buy and sell.  This revolutionary approach to timing the real estate market not only provides you with the tools to survive the real estate roller-coaster ride, but it also presents a clearly defined method for achieving maximum profits.

Mr. Campbell earned a BA in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1969 and an M.B.A. in Real Estate Finance from San Diego State Unversity in 1974.

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